IN TRAINED HANDS Facebook can generate a consistent flow of qualified new patients for the big dollar cases you most want to see. Of course, the ads you use must be 
correctly crafted to attract the right person otherwise you could firehose your money into the gutter.


Practice owners who get this right consistently see huge reliable results from their  
marketing and turn the new patients on and off like a faucet. 




Yes, it is when you don’t have a written guide to follow. 


As a practice owner don’t feel bad if you have had marketing failures in the past. 

The DIRTY LITTLE SECRET is that most so-called “marketing experts” are just winging it themselves with no firm grasp of the fundamentals and no set procedures to follow.  NONE OF THEM could write a book like this because they can’t get repeatable results and they can’t tell you HOW they get their results when they do. 


Success with Facebook ads comes from knowing and following a simple set of repeatable techniques. It’s been said that the better you understand something the simpler it becomes. Well, after you read this book, creating killer ads will be much simpler for you.

How to Create Killer Ads That Attract Qualified New Patients

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